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    JP integrated distribution box is a new integrated control cabinet of integrated power distribution, measurement, protection, control and reactive power replenish system. The JP LV integrated distribution cabinet comply to IEC439-1 ‘low-voltage switchgear and control equipment’ and GB7251 .1E2013 ‘low voltage switchgear and control equipment’, GB / T15576-2008 ‘low voltage complete sets of reactive power compensation device’ and other relevant standards, and pass the certification of 3C.



    Flexible configuration and can provide three basic functions of metering, power distribution and reactive power replenish, i.e. Metering + distribution + compensation, measurement + distribution, distribution + compensation, measurement + compensation, measurement, distribution and replenish, total 7 options. The whole frame is made of SUS 304 with thickness of 1.5mm. The type cabinet can prevent rain, dust, security, anti-leakage, anti-lightning, anti-electromagnetic and interference, and can ensure the transport and installation process will not be deformed.

    The product has full functioning by manual and automatic switching operation, and the protection functions can be provided by overvoltage, overload, under voltage, under current, short circuit, phase loss, zero sequence overrun and other functions. The product has more advantages of quick response, good compensation and reliable work. The product has complete grounding protection, and the lower part of the cabinet is equipped with main grounding screw and marked with grounding mark. The door is connected by yellow and green color lines with the cabinet, and the whole low voltage switch cabinet constitutes a complete grounding protection circuit.



    Ordering Instruction

    The information need to be provided as followings:

    A. Product model, specification, quantity

    B. Layout of LV side

    C. Name and quantity of spare parts

    D. Foundation Layout

    • Rated voltage: 380VAC 3 ~

      Rated insulation voltage: 660VAC 3 ~

      Rated frequency: 50HZ or 60HZ

      Replenish Solution: three-phase replenish and single-phase replenish combined.

      Replenish capacity: 420kvar ~ 60kvar.

      Replenish Way: cycle switching, coding switching, fuzzy control automatically switch.

      Fastest response time: ≤20ms

      Cabinet height: 2000mm, 2200mm; width: 600,800,1000,1200mm; thickness: 600,800,1000mm

      Protection Grade: IP30

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