• Switchgear

    Hengxuan focus on the medium voltage switchgear over 18 years, and has covered the voltage range from 220V to 40.5kV.

    Hengxuan can provide the medium voltage switchgear with ring type of solid insulated,ECO gas insulated, compacted insulated, SF6 insulated and SF6 semi- insulated, and can provide the metal clad withdrawable type of KYN series. The low voltage switchgear which Hengxuan can provide including GGD, GBD, MNS, GCS, GCK and other types.

    All switchgears from Hengxuan are certified.

  • Substation

    Hengxuan is the professional substation supplier and can provide the market with prefabricated substation, combined substation and containerized substation. Hengxuan can provide the customized design on novel appearance, reasonable structure and robust functionality. Hengxuan substations are widely recognized and has high reputation in the market.

  • Transformer

    Hengxuan provides the market with various types of 10-35kV power transformers, including SCB18 series、S22 series、 S11-M series, S13-M series, SBH15-M series, SZ series, SCB series (dry type) and various amorphous alloy series. Hengxuan transformer has reasonable design, IEC standards compliance, high performance, energy saving, low loss, low noise, reliable operation, and are suitable to different environments.

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