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Low voltage reactive power automatic compensation cabinet


Low voltage reactive power automatic compensation cabinet



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    The SVC LV Reactive Power Replenish Equipment is mainly used for the reactive power replenish at the low-voltage side of the outdoor power transformer and is composed of condenser, filter reactor, contactor, compound switch, fuse, power factor automatic controller, main switch, ventilation system and cabinet. It has very important supports in increasing the voltage level of the system, reducing the loss of the lines, improving the power factor of the system, increasing the utilization ratio of the power transformer and strengthening the stability of the system voltage. It is characterized by its rapid and timely response, operation free from power consumption and suppressing the switch closing surging current to improve the operation safety of the reactive power replenish device. The device features also have the protection function of the overvoltage, under voltage, over current, short circuit and phase default and can display three phase voltage, current, active power, reactive power, power factor and control parameters. It is widely used in residential quarters, industrial and mining enterprises, hospitals, scientific research, coal and oil fields, petrochemical and other public facilities, especially electric welding, spot welding, cranes and other high power frequently starting industrial equipment.


    Standards Compliance

    IEC-493-1 ‘Low Voltage Switchgear and Control Equipment’

    GB7251 ‘Low Voltage Switchgear’,

    GB/T15576 ‘General Technical Conditions of Low Voltage Reactive Power Static Replenish Device’.



    High Precision of Replenish

    The power factor after replenishment will be better than 0.98 ~ 0.99 (or the design data)

    Rapid Response

    For 50Hz power grid, the response time is less than 4 ms, and the process of one switching is not more than 20 ms with the switching frequency realized dynamic replenishment according to the load variation of the users (up to 50 times/sec).

    Free Risk of Switching

    The SCR system use the imported chips, and whole process of switching adopts the zero potential technology. The capacitor switching realizes zero-crossing detection, zero voltage switching, no surge current, no voltage shocks, no high-order harmonics. It is reliable in operation and has long service life, and the safe can be guaranteed.

    Three-Phase Asymmetric Replenishment

    In case of the imbalance of the electrical load, the user can input quantitatively to achieve the best replenishment.


    Filter Circuit

    The RC absorption circuit filters the high-order harmonics to realize switching free from oscillation and replenishment zones.

    Controller Automatic Detection and Operation

    The controller has the functions of detection, auto-tracking, overvoltage blocking, default phase protection, under voltage protection and short circuit fault protection etc. When the voltage is too high or too low, the controller can stop operation automatically. The free trouble operation shall be up to 12 years.

    Data Communication

    It has RS232/RS485 physical communication interface. The communication can adopt on the spot data collection (point to point) or the remote data collection (network).

    Temperature Controlling Protection

    When the device temperature exceeds 40 ℃, the cooling device starts automatically to realize mandatory ventilation.

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