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Low voltage AC withdrawable complete set


Low voltage AC withdrawable complete set



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    The MNS LV withdrawable Switchgear is used for power generation and supply system (AC 50 ~ 60Hz, rated working voltage ≤660V), such as power generation, power distribution, petrochemical, factories and mines, constructions for power distribution, control and reactive power compensation, especially the sites for large-scale power plants, petrochemical industry where automation integrated and computer dialogue interfaces are needed.

    IEC-493-1 ‘Low Voltage Switchgear equipment and Control Equipment’

    GBT251 ‘Low Voltage Switchgear Equipment’

    ZBK36001 ‘Low Voltage Withdrawable Switchgear Equipment’



    Compact Design: more functions, small space

    MCC cabinet can accommodate 36 pcs of 8E/4 drawers or 9 pcs 8E drawers. The drawer unit is compact volume, strong function, accurated orientation and exchangable, which is suitable for installation of third or fourth air protection switchgear. It has reliable mechanical interlock with the effective installation height by 1800 mm. The installation can be solid type or drawer type in one switchgear.


    Common structure, flexible assembly

    The 25mm C-profile steel profile and can meet the requirements of various structural forms, protection levels and operational environment.


    Modular design

    It can be organized into the standard units for protection, operation, conversion, control, regulation, measuring and instruction. The user can make different shelves structures and drawer units according to the needs of any assembly which has 200 types.

    More high-strength flame-retardant engineering plastics components are adopted, which effectively enhances the performance of the protective security.

    The vertical bus bar channel adopts breaking functional board and the right angle L type branch bus is inserted.

    The MCC cabinets are installed back to back.

    Easy installation: No special tools are needed.


    Conditions of Use

    Indoor Installation and Sea Level ≤ 200 M.

    Ambient Temperature -5℃ ~ +40℃,Average Maximum Daily Temperature ≤+35℃.

    Relative Humidity: ≤ 50% at +40℃ (Max),relative humidity at a lower temperature (for example 90% at +20 ℃).

    Seismic Intensity: VIII

    Installation Inclination ≤ 5°

    No risk of violent vibration, impact and corrosion of the electrical components.

    If any special demand, the information can be provided to the supplier in written form.

    • Electrical Performance

      Rated Working Voltage: 380V, 660V

      Main Bus Bar Maximum Working Current: 5500A (IP00), 4700A (IP30)

      Main Bus Instantaneous (IS) Withstand Current: 100kA (effective value)

      Power Distribution Bus Bar (vertical bus bar) Maximum Working Current: 1000A

      Power Distribution Bus Bar (vertical bus bar) Instantaneous Peak Current:

      Standard 90kA (Max) Strengthen Type 130kA (Max)


      Protection Level

      In Accordance with IEC529 and DIN40050

      Protection Grade IP30 for φ›2.5 mm

      Protection Grade IP40 for φ›1.0 mm

      Protection Grade IP54 for Dust and Splash in Arbitrary Direction

      If IP54 needed, the demand is to be negotiated to the supplier in written form.

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