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    YB-Z.G-40.5 series modular transformer is a type of substation solution for the photovoltaic power generation, and has been large wide used in the world, and this is developed design with the joints of the 10kV, 35kV modular transformer and the advanced technology combined technology of the world. YB-ZG-40.5 substation has the transformer, load switch, and the HV fuses installed in the shell of transformer, and keep transformer insulation liquid as the entire product insulation and cooling medium. The structure of the system is full sealed design, and be treated by split, shot blast, pickling and phosphate, and the shell is treated by spraying primer, the middle cost and top paint for the corrosion resistance, paint thickness and UV resistance, which has far difference as the normal paint treatment. The system is designed with the advantages of small size, light weight and easy installation. In addition to the product to meet the relevant standards of the components, the system is also complied to the stand of JB / T10217-2000 for ‘modular transformer’.

    Model Details


    PV Power Supply Combined Transformer


    Conditions of Use

    Sea Level≤ 3000 meters

    Working Temperature -40 ℃ ~ +45 ℃

    Wind speed: no more than 70m / s;

    Contamination level: no more than grade Ⅳ;

    Installation site: no explosion hazard, chemical corrosion and severe vibration

    Installed on a concrete platform or other flat and solid platform;

    Air cooling (AN)


    Ordering Information

    The customer should provide the company with the following parameters:

    A. Product model, specification, quantity

    B. The plan of the LV side

    C. Spare parts list with name and quantity

    D. Provide foundation layout when place the order

    • Product Structure





      Transformer Model

      S11-1000 / 38.5 ± 2 * 2.5% / 0.315kV * 2

      Connection label

      D, Yn11

      Impedance voltage

      Ud = 6%

      Rated capacity

      500kW; 1000kW; 1100kW; 1250kW; 1600kW and so on

      HV side

      40.5; 38.5 (35) kV; 10.5 (10) kV

      LV side

      0.27kV; 0.27kV * 2; 0.315kV * 2; 0.448kV * 2; 0.48 * 2kV, 0.69kV * 2 and so on

      HV Load switch: Main Switch BYFI-40.5 oil immersed load switch

      Rated Voltage KV


      Rated Current A


      Rated Instantaneous Withstand Current
      kA / 2S


      Rated Instantaneous shut off current kA


      Operating mechanism

      Special spring mechanism


      Rated Voltage KV


      Rated Current A

      40~ 63

      Fuse Rate Current

      40~ 63

      Rated Instantaneous break current kA


      LV device
      Main busbar: TMY-80X10 / 100X10 / 120X10

      Main switch

      2000 /3200 /4000

      Rated current A

      2000 /3200 /4000

      Rated insulation voltage V


      Rated limit short circuit breaking capacity kA


      Rated running short circuit breaking capacity kA


      According to user requirements, PV substation’s LV side can provide the functions of voltage missing and less voltage protection. When HV side lost any phase, the LV side can be automatically shut off. The LV side of system can equip with power electricity, controlling electricity and lighting maintenance transformer etc.. The system must be equipped with the functions of the telemetry and remote communication. As PV power generation’s hard working conditions, the LV main circuit breaker must be the type of low-temperature circuit and provide the test report of -40 ± 3℃, duration 16h, 120 times operation performance and 30 times / hour.

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