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    The YBM26-24 prefabricated substation is one of the series products designed and manufactured to meet the needs of transformation of State Grid, which is suitable for the three-phase AC system with the rated voltage 24/0.4KV and rated frequency of 50HZ for the use of electric energy acceptance and distribution. This type substation has good design on impact structure, completed set design, easy installation, good operation and maintenance, reliable and safe, nice shape, save the ground space, removable and short production period. It is widely used for high building, residential quarter, mining, hotel, hospital, park, oil field, airport, sea port, shopping mall, rail way and other temporary site.


    Model Details

    Prefabricated Substation



    The YBM26-24 prefabricated substation put HV electricity, power transformer and LV electricity into the independent rooms with the solutions of A or B or C. The solution B and C have the advantage of easy installation when the site space is limited. The solution A has convenience of cable assembling than the solution B and C, is well accepted by most customers when no compact of installation space.

    This type substation has whole sealed structure, and the cabinet body can be made by high strength steel plate, aluminum plate, composite color code steel plate, stainless steel plate and cement board with fiber glass reinforcement. Compared with metal plate, the cement plate with fiber glass reinforcement has been wide-range used for the environment coordination.

    The HV switchgear in the modular substation can be selected with five types of air type, pressure air type, vacuum load type, SF6 load type or vacuum circuit breaker. These HV devices have the five type protection functions, and meet the power supply from terminal, ring network and dual power system. The power transformer in the modular substation can be selected with Non-metal & alloy transformer, oil-immersed enclosed transformer or dry power transformer。This type substation also can fit with gas protection and temperature controlling device.

    The LV switchgear in modular substation can be selected with the brands of ABB, Schneider and others. The replenish model of the capacitor can be the types of collectively replenish, sub-replenish, completed sub-replenish and Zero-crossing shutting function.

    The wire used in modular substation’s input and output is cable. The overhead input cable for HV can be provided for special demand. For convenience of cable installation, a human-hole is designed and provided. For convenience of inner operation, the lights can be turned on and off automatically with the door.


    Conditions of Use

    Sea Level≤ 1000 meters

    Working Temperature -30 ℃ ~ +40 ℃

    Relative humidity is less than 90%(+25℃)

    No risks of fire, explosion, serious pollution, chemical corrosion and strong vibration installation site.

    If user needs higher demands than existing data sheet, user shall contact to the supplier or manufacturer.


    Operation and Maintenance

    The operation and maintenance of the HV switchgear should be carried according to the HV switchgear installation and operation manual.

    The main contactor of air circuit breakers in LV electricity can be partially burnt or carbonized, and increase the resistance, after multiple open and close. The air circuit breakers need the maintenance according to the instruction manual.

    The lightning arrester need to be preventive test before the annual storm season.

    The cooling system, temperature automatic monitoring system, and the oil temperature or coil temperature in top (dry power transformer), need to be inspected of well working or not.

    The operation and maintenance must be performed by the qualified electrical person.



    The manufacturer can provide the foundation layout for their modular substation. The customer or user can design the foundation by themselves, but the layout need to be provided for manufacturer.

    The lightning conductors need to pre-lay in side or around of the foundation of the modular substation. The ground connection and lightning protection of the transformer can be jointly used as one grounding system. The grounding cables to the foundation platform should be not less than two lines and the grounding resistance should be guaranteed to be less than or equal to 4 Ohm.(R≤4Ω)

    For water proof, the gap between the modular substation and the foundation should be sealed with the cement concrete.


    Ordering instructions

    The information need to be provided by the customer to the manufacturer.

    A. Product Model

    B. Operation Conditions

    C. Transformer Model and Capacity

    D. Cable Installation Solution, and Electrical Components’ Model and Parameters

    E. Shell Color Code

    F. If any other requirements, the clients can provide to manufacturer while place the order.





      HV Components

      Rated Frequency



      Rated Voltage



      Withstand Voltage of Working Frequency, to Ground, or Phase to Phase



      Withstand Voltage of Thunder Impact Ground, to Ground, or Phase to Phase



      Rated Current



      Rated Instantaneous Withstand Current



      Rated Peak Withstand Current



      LV Components

      Rated Voltage



      Main Circuit Rated Current



      Rated Instantaneous Withstand Current



      Rated Peak Withstand Current




      Rated Capacity



      Tap Range




      Linked Groups



      Noise Level



      Shell Protection Grades




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